Offre de post doc (post doc offer)

A 1 year PostDoc position is available in the « Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse » laboratory (IMT), Toulouse, France, starting in the fall 2022.

The position is funded by the ANR project BARRACUDA for algeBrA, pRoofs, pRotocols, Algorithms, Curves and sUrfaces for coDes and their Applications whose topic is algebraic coding theory and related topics. It includes the following subtopics:

  •  Algebraic geometry codes from curves, surfaces, varieties
  • Rank metric codes
  • Decoding algorithms
  • Error correcting codes and Lattices

The list above is indicative and not exhaustive. Candidates are invited to design their research proposal around these topics or other topics, provided that they are closely related to algebraic geometry and coding theory.

Candidates must hold a PhD thesis or equivalent in mathematics or computer science, together with a strong research record.

Applicants should send detailed curriculum vitae, list of publications, a short research proposal to Emmanuel Hallouin ( and Marc Perret ( The deadline for application is April 30, 2022.

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